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Church Humor, Page 2


God thru his monipotence
Every one was already sitted down
The more less dominant the new nature becomes
Dead to the wind, like someone's kicked our puppy
Humbly grumbly
There's a shine up sheet
Nobody knows I'm existance
Know what it means to be persevere?
The word falls on dull ears
She became a pillow of salt
A ton of dates running around in my mind
See people drinking and arousing and other things
I'm still onward abound
I'd be thrush down there to be the first one to open the gifts
Get your seats back again
It changed my perspection
Stress, work schedules & erraticness
If I was going remote, I would...
Every head closed and every eye bowed
Fell off the gravy truck
Get out of home church, out of security zone
Etc etc etc
When there's no absolutes it becomes hierarchy
Everythings not cherry & cream
When you join the army you'll sacrifice a little
Swinging around like wind blowing in a gutter
Those are always requsites that have to be dealt with
We spend a lot of time in our partitions to God
Listening to the murders
Both male men
Getting ready to close out his life
Confusing rosanne bar with rosie odonnel
Chandeliers hanging from the walls
These are facts that are real
House energy commerce committee abstinence vote?
Where are the churches standing up for this nonsense?
I don't recognize any new faces
In this bad weather, pray God gives them clarity of driving
I know its hard, but get originative
Es-speret di course
He believed what he was doing and he was detrimental at doing it
Not one little iota
He didn't have any income coming in
Poverty is easier than posperity
He had gone through all the pros & all the cons
If I don't know theres a problem, I won't deal with it
It just takes a squit second
Maybe in our respection