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Here is perhaps the smallest state park we’ve ever visited; but don’t let that fool you; the views are wonderful! This park is located in Point Pleasant, WV and has an 84’ granite obelisk on the premises and an old log home. The log structure, dubbed the “Mansion House,” purports to be “oldest, hewn log house in the Kanawha Valley”. Curiously, the interior of the building is owned by the “Daughters of the American Revolution (Colonel Charles Lewis Chapter)” and the building itself is owned by the state of WV. We didn’t get to see the inside of the building but peeked into the windows. On the grounds, there are a couple of benches and a few interesting monuments, but you won’t find any camp sites, large parking areas, or other such attractions. The grounds are very clean and well maintained. Large vehicles, watch your parking; the entrance drive ends in the river and I had to make a multipoint turn around for a 23’ vehicle that would have been much more difficult if the on street parking spaces were filled.

At the junction of the Ohio and Kanawha Rivers stands this monument which commemorates the frontiersmen who fought and died at the Battle of Point Pleasant. This battle was fought with Chief Cornstalk on October 10, 1774, and is recognized as the decisive engagement in a proactive series of Indian wars. The name "Tu-Endie-Wei" is a Wyandotte word meaning "point between two waters." The Point Pleasant Battlefield Monument was erected on October 10, 1909 as a tribute to a battle fought on this same date in 1774. To learn about the battle along the banks of the Ohio River and about history preserved at Tu-Endie-Wei State Park click on ‘The Battle’ page or come visit the area and its history.

Source: their website: (April, 2011)

Here's a video clip of a barge pushing coal: link

Here's a spin view of the state park (link).