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Phil Ruby submitted the following poem in January of 2014, as we are experiencing temperatures dropping into the minus single digits; very cold indeed!

The Walk Home

Out and about, when it started to snow
On a very cold night with traffic so slow
Ice covered the roads with a forbidding glare
All I could do was keep driving and stare

Ahead for stop lights and possible dangers
Like turtles we crept, all scared random strangers
I finally came to the bottom of my hill
Will my car make it? I don't think it will

So I parked in the lot of a long abandoned school
And began my long walk. I went out, what a fool!
Six tenths of a mile, all uphill and down
In slick dress shoes, I thought with a frown

A few four-wheel trucks made it up with all ease
Not one stopped to help, and I wouldn't say please.
So I walked in the cold, snow still peppering down
I should have stayed at a motel uptown

But as I topped the hill and looked all about
A smile crossed my chapped lips, and I ceased to pout
If I had driven up, I'd have missed the beautiful sights
The snow, glistening, shimmering, in the street lights

The ground all a white blanket of Wintry fluff
It was quite simply the most beautiful stuff!
So as I walk, I begin to think thankful things
This nice Winter coat, with a hood and tie strings

With a flap to cover my throat from the cold
And warm downy comfort for this man, getting old
And I'm really thankful for that old car
It didn't get me home, but it got me that far!

And the walk to my house is really kind of nice
Even though I slipped a couple times on the ice
Now I'm quite pleased that I'd gone out to roam
What?!! The salt truck just passed me
Not a hundred feet from home!
Of all the luck!